Announcing the new Vektor MAX


Vektor MAX™ is the latest system in the market, giving the best cost-benefit among all other lightbar based guidance systems.

The system offers a bright 6.5″ colored touch-screen display with real time moving map, a built-in multi constellation satellite receiver, guidance bar with dynamic information, built-in flow controller, USB connectivity. Also has WI-FI, Telemetry, gyroscopes, accelerometers and many other features.

Vektor MAX™ combines modern features, with traditional navigation approaches to achieve the best return on investment in the market.

The Lightbar, not only provides easy crosstrack and heading indications, but also provides a full 16 smooth character display. This allows the pilot to display the information according to his own preference.

Being the simplest lightbar system to use and fastest to learn, the Vektor™ is suitable for any pilot in any country, and is an excellent choice for operations of all sizes, ensuring an increase in productivity.

DynaFlow Flow Control



  • Digital indicators to report flow in gal/ac or lts/ha, and boom pressure
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS receiver for accurate flow rate calculation
  • Color touch screen with easy to use interface software for system adjust
  • High speed valve actuator for quick reaction to flow changes
  • Two relays to trigger other devices by configured pressure

The DynaFlow is a high-performance flow controller. Available as a stand-alone solution, with a robust touch-screen computer equipped with built-in GPS receiver, it offers the ability for monitor and automatic control of flow rates, independent of your guidance system. It does not matter what guidance system or aircraft you own, the DynaFlow can fit you. The flow controller is also available for integration with other DynaNav products for a better experience. The device features a real time flow indicator with gauge for accurate tracking of spray rate.

One of the better features is it’s built-in digital pressure sensor. It shows you the actual boom pressure but more importantly, you can set the pressure that you want the system to mark the on and off on your GPS.

Simple by design … flexible in application

Watch the video to discover why more and more ag pilots are choosing DynaNav systems.

The Air Ag E-Series

Now, an affordable entry-level GPS system designed to get aerial applicators growing with DynaNav. Learn more

See actual spray operations using DynaFlight and listen to air ag professionals talk about the benefits of using our products @

Faster, simpler input using the DynaGrip

The DynaGrip control, cyclic or collective grip controls the entire DynaFlight™ system. It also includes military spec switches for a variety of operations. Easily integrate smoker, PTT (Press to Transmit) and other switches.

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