DynaFlow Flow Control



  • Digital indicators to report flow in gal/ac or lts/ha, and boom pressure
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS receiver for accurate flow rate calculation
  • Color touch screen with easy to use interface software for system adjust
  • High speed valve actuator for quick reaction to flow changes
  • Two relays to trigger other devices by configured pressure

The DynaFlow is a high-performance flow controller. Available as a stand-alone solution, with a robust touch-screen computer equipped with built-in GPS receiver, it offers the ability for monitor and automatic control of flow rates, independent of your guidance system. It does not matter what guidance system or aircraft you own, the DynaFlow can fit you. The flow controller is also available for integration with other DynaNav products for a better experience. The device features a real time flow indicator with gauge for accurate tracking of spray rate.

One of the better features is it’s built-in digital pressure sensor. It shows you the actual boom pressure but more importantly, you can set the pressure that you want the system to mark the on and off on your GPS.

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