AirAg E-Series

Introducing DynaFlight AirAg E-Series

Entry-level GPS solution for Aerial Applicators

April 18, 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – After thorough and careful assessment of the agricultural aviation market needs, GPS-manufacturer DynaNav Systems, today launched the DynaFlight AirAg E-Series— a full-featured entry-level version of the AirAg II Professional precision application system.

“We pride ourselves on listening to the market and recently we discovered a niche market with fairly basic needs when compared to our average customer and, to be honest, with more modest budget requirements.” said Dave Heukelom, DynaNav’s Director of Marketing. “The E-Series does everything our Professional version does with the exception of data uploading and downloading—features this market didn’t want.”

The E-Series consists of 2 main components, a dash-mounted DynaViz™ GPS guidance instrument; and an ErgoGrip™ controller. At just under 7 lbs/3 kg, this compact and lightweight system is ideal for use in smaller ag planes and helicopters.

DynaNav is well recognized for its innovation in the ag industry. In 1995, when it introduced the ErgoGrip —a replacement control stick grip, it was, and still is, the only system that a pilot could operate entirely by the use of switches, without letting go of the control grip or touching any other buttons in the aircraft.  “The pilot-friendly ErgoGrip was designed to manage all the functions of the system so pilots could keep their eyes-out-the-window, an important safety issue.” said DynaNav president Reg Moen, a private pilot.

The ErgoGrip provides complete control using only 2 switches (thumb & trigger). According to Moen, the natural feel of the ErgoGrip and intuitive interface of DynaFlight software is easy for pilots to learn and use and so reduces cockpit stress.  Key factors, he says, that explain why customers claim greater efficiency and productivity after switching to his company’s products.

“Our systems are continuously updated so they never become outdated.  Obsolescence is not our mindset, which is why our very first system is still flying today.” said Moen proudly. “The E-Series is intended to get users started with our products.” he continued “Our systems are designed to grow with the users’ needs. The functionality of an E-Series can be increased at any time and is easily converted into our Professional, or even Premium version.”

The company tagline and brand promise, “Simple by design … flexible in application.” is evident in the component-modularity and software-driven design of all DynaFlight products. Recently, through ingenuity and a technological breakthrough the already fast installation process was further simplified when all electronics were incorporated into the DynaViz guidance instrument.  Flexibility is in the way a system can be reconfigured to meet specific application requirements through a simple tuning of the software by the pilot/operator.

Air Ag professionals recently went on video to talk about the company’s products and exemplary customer service. The video, which includes footage of crop sprayers using DynaFlight systems, can be viewed at

About DynaNav

Since 1995, DynaNav Systems Inc. has been providing industry-first solutions integrating GPS-based hardware and software systems into utility aircraft for aerial agriculture, forestry and seismic applications. DynaNav is based at Pitt Meadows Airport, a suburban community near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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