New Vektor MAX

News Release November 2016

DynaNav Delivers New Solutions for Aerial Application Guidance and Application Control. “Simple by Design – Flexible in Application

Vektor-Max™ GPS system *NEW*– To give the pilot the best performance and features for a safe and efficient application, here is a list of some of the important specifications of the new Vektor Max. From this you can see why this technology surpasses all the Aerial Ag Operators needs for today as well as the long term future.

  • Integrated all systems and modules into a compact yet rugged 5” Touch Screen color Computer (NO Remote boxes). Upgradable hardware to keep it current in the future.
  • Intel Quad Core computer running Windows 10. Dual Solid State 32GB drives (up to 1 Terabyte).
  • Includes the GPS (GNSS), the Flow Controller, WIFI, Bluetooth, Telemetry Radios, etc.
  • The Vektor-Max™ integrated touch screen is only 2.2 lbs (1 kg), the complete install kit with antenna and flow control wiring is 3.5 lbs (1.5 kg) and Lightbar is 8.4 Lbs (3.8 kg).
  • The Max Lightbar features new Daylight readable LED’s as well as a unique sunlight filter to block the low level morning and evening sun from washing out the display. Also configurable 16 alphanumeric character displays.
  • Unique Vektor Software offers the most friendly and intuitive interface in the market, from extensive research and discussions with pilots.
  • Full Google Earth and Shape file upload and Download. Variable Rate prescription input.
  • Integrates with Transland Hydraulic Ag Gate or Ag Laser plus other future devices.
  • Multiple fields each with its own pattern (up to 26 fields at a time).
  • Free Software updates, simple download and automatic upgrade through USB data stick.

This Vektor Max system is capable of everything that any other lightbar system has and even more – you will see! The bottom line – talk to the pilots and operators that use our DynaNav products and services, just like them, you won’t be disappointed. Talk to us about our DynaFlight and DynaFlow systems as well.

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