The DynaFlight™ System

DynaNav is a leader in the integration of GPS technology into utility aircraft. The DynaFlight™ system provides precise guidance, navigation, and data recording for aerial applications such as agriculture, forestry, seismic, photography and search and rescue. A major advantage of the DynaFlight™ system is a uniquely designed user interface that allows the pilot to operate the system without diverting attention away from the windshield to check or change swath or other patterns.

The DynaFlight™ system itself is designed for simplicity. Lightweight (under 10 pounds), and simple to install (under 4 hours), the on-board system consists of an Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI); the DynaGrip control (cyclic or collective); a processor unit, and DynaFlight™ software. This system is complemented by ground management software for reporting all types of aerial applications.

Compact, economical, powerful, and deceptively simple, the DynaFlight™ delivers superior performance and ease of use over competitive products. DynaNav’s philosophy: simple by design, flexible in application.

Our products are modular in design. All of our components work together and some of them even work with other manufacturers’ hardware, this means components can be mixed and matched to configure a system that meets your needs.


The DynaFlight™ System is a complete aerial guidance system. Below are some typical system configurations and component parts.  Give us a call if you require help customizing a system for your specific application.

AirAg-E-Series – Our new entry-level full-featured system, a lightweight compact unit featuring the latest technology at an affordable price. Designed to be scalable to add the functionality of our Pro versions as your company’s needs to grow.

AirAg-PRO – Our full-featured system for the professional ag operation, this includes complete data transfer and backup between air and ground via CompactFlash card or USB. Optional DynaView color touchscreen Microcomputer.

SeisBagII – A GPS/GLONASS (Global Positioning System) based guidance and mapping system that provides precise navigation and recording of the placement and retrieval of any material by helicopter.  A DynaFlightSeisBagII™ system simply and automatically points the way to the targeted sites. Comes complete with SeisBag Ground management software.


Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI) – heads-up (non-lightbar) guidance system

DynaView – touch-screen computer interface for real-time in-flight job review

DynaGrip Control – 2-button input device (alternative to keypad)

The Vektor MAX™ System

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