Air Ag E-Series

Now, an affordable entry-level GPS guidance and recording system.  Start from here and grow to there.

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Entire system weighs less than 7 lbs/3 kilograms.

MODULAR – Add components & functionality to meet your growing needs.

FULL FEATURED – Includes all the unique navigational features of our professional system.
EXPANDABLE – Fully upgradable to include all of the features of our professional system.

EASY TO INSTALL – Complete system has an Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI), a DynaGrip Control, pre -wired harness,  antenna, and interface box.

EASY TO USE – Entire system is controlled by 2 switches (Tophat and Trigger) on the DynaGrip.  Other switches are for normal aircraft functions.

IFGI – The Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument is heads-up dash mounted to be cleary visible while the pilot is looking outside the cockpit.

Click Here for Brochure

Click Here for video of DynaFlight & GyroCopter Spray System.

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