Air Ag PRO

AirAg PRO – Professional Version for Ag Pilots

DynaNav is a leader in the integration of GPS technology into utility aircraft. The DynaFlight™ system provides precise guidance, navigation, and data recording for agricultural aerial applications.  A major advantage of the DynaFlight™ system is a uniquely designed user interface, using the Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI) and DynaGrip Control, allowing the pilot to operate the system while keeping his attention outside the aircraft.

The DynaFlight™ system itself is designed for simplicity. Lightweight (under 10 pounds), and simple to install, the complete system has the IFGI, Processor Unit, DynaGrip Control, Interface Box and Pre-Wired Harness. This system is complemented by AirAg Office Ground Management software for downloading, uploading and creating reports of the application. Compact, economical, powerful, and extremely simple, the DynaFlight™ delivers superior performance and ease of use over competitive products. DynaNav’s philosophy: simple by design, flexible in application.

Our products are modular in design. All of our components work together and some of them even work with other manufacturers’ hardware, this means components can be mixed and matched to configure a system that meets your needs.

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