Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI)

Designed to be very intuitive, or pilot-friendly, the IFGI is an extremely accurate guidance instrument that offers the possibility of higher productivity than can be achieved using lightbar-type guidance systems.

The electroluminescent heads-up display is mounted on the dashboard within, but not intruding on, pilot line of sight. It provides a graphical display of the exact location of the aircraft relative to the ground, and many other software functions. The display is clearly visible in any light and can be adjusted for darkness.

The display has two flight guidance modes; the moving map and the “roadway”. The roadway display enables the pilot to fly straighter by flying the roadway on the instrument, just like driving down the center line of a road.

It also has visual alerts that we call “ticklers” to keep the pilot on-course and improve accuracy.  Should the aircraft stray off-course the on-screen tickler will appear in the display window which is picked up in the pilot’s peripheral vision.

The tickler is a rotating disc of light that appears on the left or right of the display screen indicating the direction that the aircraft is off-course. The tickler will gradually increase or decrease in size and light intensity to reflect the magnitude of distance the aircraft has strayed from the intended course.

If the pilot is flying to within one foot of his course to “Ticklers” will not display on the IFGI.  Ticklers provide incremental, continuous feedback that enables the pilot to react smoothly and make course corrections with greater accuracy than is possible using a lightbar.


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