DynaPressure GaugeThe DynaPressure Gauge is a high-performance Pressure Gauge that will measure your Boom Pressure with optional Pump Pressure input. Using all solid state design, the Pressure Transducer is a full stainless steel construction for high reliability.   The DynaPressure is also available for integration with other GPS products with its open architecture USB Interface.

The best feature is the pilot settable relay activation pressure, it shows you the actual boom pressure but more importantly, you can set the pressure that you want the system to mark the on and off on your GPS.

With the optional Pump Pressure display, you are able to see the Actual pump pressure versus the boom pressure to make sure you are in the correct range of pressure differential for proper Flow Control.



  • Real time, high accuracy digital pressure measurement in PSI
  • Adjustable pressure threshold for relay activation for marking on GPS
  • Ultra fast pressure measurement for minimum latency
  • Easy installation through standard 2 1/4” Instrument hole
  • Automatic brightness adjust for day/night work
  • USB connectivity for communication with any computer
  • Rugged enclosure with Military Specification connector
  • Stainless steel pressure transducer for long life span

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