DynaFlight-SeisBagII- For Professional Helicopter Operators doing Seismic deployment and support

DynaNav is a leader in the integration of GPS technology into helicopters. The DynaFlight™ system provides precise guidance, navigation, and data recording for Seismic Deployment, Retrieval and Support applications. A major advantage of the DynaFlight™ system is a uniquely designed user interface that allows the pilot to operate the system without diverting attention away from the windshield to check or change swath or other patterns.

The DynaFlight™ system itself is designed for simplicity. Lightweight (under 10 pounds), and simple to install. The on-board system consists of a DynaViz™ display; the Grip control (cyclic or collective); a processor unit, and DynaFlight-SeisBag™ software. This system is complemented by SeisBag Ground management software for importing Seg files, creating Bag Drop points and transferring via Compact Flash, USB or Telemetry the Bag location data back and forth.

Compact, economical, powerful, and deceptively simple, the DynaFlight-SeisBag™ delivers superior performance and ease of use over competitive products. DynaNav’s philosophy: simple by design, flexible in application.

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