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DynaNav Software for Downloading

AirAg Complete Install (Including Aircard install)
(file size: 33,586KB) (rev: Jun 05,2016)

SeisBagII Air Full Install Version 1.5 – DynaFlight-SeisBagII
(file size: 5953KB) (rev: Mar 13,2012)

SeisBag Air Full Install Version 4.0 – DynaFlight-SeisBag (Legacy)

(file size: 4050KB) (rev: Dec 07,2007)

Seismic Ground Telemetry V4.5 Software
(file size: 9073KB) (rev: Aug 22,2012)

Vektor Software Version 1.21 (download and run to install on Memory Stick)
(file size: 37020KB) (rev: Aug 11,2016)

Vektor MAX Software Version (download and run the Updater to put on USB Memory Stick)

MAKE SURE to Download all Reports before UPDATE if coming from Version 2
(file size: 54332KB) (rev: Nov 02,2017)

Tland Software Version
(file size: 3848KB) (rev: Oct 27,2016)

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